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Psychology Life Hacks

I honestly believe that psychology should be a mandatory class in high school, and when students take it, it should be based like a college psychology class. Why you ask? Because our brains are tricky. We can not learn to control our life until we can control ourselves. You must learn about yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically.

How you learn about yourself spiritually is your own path. I trust the bible, and Buddhism, for spiritual advice to keep me sound and strong. But that is not what this article is about

Physically, you must understand how your body works. What certain foods, and toxins, will actually do to your body. Learn to spoil yourself, your body. A healthy body will make you feel better and happier.

But the focus on this article is being mentally strong. I am not really one to totally advocate how to be mentally strong, but I can tell you some things that I have learned in my psychology class that really made me rethink a lot of things in life. Now that I have really taken this class, and paid attention, I have learned to pay attention and notice a lot of different things; not only in myself, but in others around me as well.

We often wonder why life turns out the way it does, without realizing that if we knew more about how our brains work, anything could be possible.

Since these facts have helped me, I have decided to share them with you. These are my psychology life hacks and brain openers:

  • First off, we are naturally conditioned by certain events in our lives. Did you know that a psychologist back in the day took a baby who loved rats (because babies do not know how to be afraid) and then let the baby play with it. Every time he touched the rat, he would ring a giant gong that would make the boy jump. Before you know it, he was afraid of the rat, as well as any other furry animal that the baby related it to. We are not only conditioned by negative things, but positive as well. For example, how often do you check your phone? Did you know that you check it so much, because it has actually partially-conditioned you. What that means is, whenever you go to the stimulus(the phone), sometimes you get a reaction(a text or alert or whatever) and sometime you don’t. This is the hardest type of conditioning to break the habit of.
  • kids imitate what they see. We constantly tell kids what to do or how to act, but how often did you listen to your parents as a kid? At the end of the day, kids subconsciously pick up and imitate people around them. Protect your kids, you truly choose how they will turn out as a person. If all they see is anger, that’s all they will know how to show. Teach them patience, and being kind, and love.
  • There are 3 styles of parenting. There are those parents who shout orders and expect perfection, and do not give the kids a chance to even speak. There are those parents who set strict rules, but also explain why those rules are in order. Then there are the parents that let the kids run over them and do whatever they want. What kind of parent are you? What kind of parent do you think is best for kids? Well, kids whose parents are strict usually end up with less social skills and less self esteem. Kids whose parents have no rules, end up aggressive and immature. It really takes a balance of these two styles, explaining to your kids, talking to them, and expecting rules to be followed, in order to raise a self-reliant, self-confident kid
  • there is no successful way to cram for a test. The information does not stick, and staying up all night with no sleep means that the information does not have time to rest in your brain and actually seep in. Therefore, you must always stay on top of studies and anything you are trying to learn. Sleep helps what you have learned that day go to long-term memory.
  • motivation will not always come before your actions. Sometime all you have to do is get up and start, and before you know it youll be more motivated then ever. Have you ever wondered why you wont feel like working out, but as soon as you start to work out you don’t want to stop? That’s because making yourself get up and do it, has actually gotten you excited about doing it
  • Words can hurt, especially the words you say to yourself. Your words and thoughts can affect your mood more than you know. And just like emotions show in certain physical forms, sometimes forcing these physical forms can actually force the emotion. For example, when you make yourself smile more and more, you will find yourself naturally happier and stress free. Or, instead of walking and always looking at the ground slugging around; hold your head high and shoulders back and look at everyone in the eye with a smile as you walk past them. I promise, in a week your confidence level will boost.
  • emotions are nothing more then chemicals in our brain. Emotions can quickly turn from one to the other, especially when you are super aroused by one emotion. For example, if you are super super happy, it can quickly turn to rage because the arousal is transferred
  • How you view life has a huge affect on how you feel. Interpretation is powerful, not the event itself. So when they say perspective is everything, they are not lying. That’s why they have tons of sad rich people, and even more happy broke people.
  • women feel more emotions then men. Amazing right, who knew this had actually been proven? We all knew it, both men and women around the world. And now, there is proof. Also, “womens intuition” is real. Women are generally better at picking up on subconscious signs when it comes to body language and emotion.
  • Anger can harm you. If you do not know by now that emotions can harm your body physically, you need to do some research and learn about yourself. Did you know that chronic hostility is linked to heart disease? Also, happiness can changes how you view the world, and how the world views you. I told you earlier, life is perspective. If you look up, life will go up. Look down, and don’t be surprised when you start falling. Also, those who receive happy events are more likely to do something good (feel good-do good phenomenon)
  • Stress will kill you. Your body is all interconnected between physical, mental, and emotional. How you think effects how you feel, and how you feel effects how well your body is. If you are always stressed or sad, your body will become weak and more likely to get sick. Keep your mind and body healthy guys, its not worth it.

Now, I still have a lot of psychology to learn I know, but I am a nursing student so I will only be taking one more course after this semester is over. So my knowledge will always be sort of limited in this topic. But, if you would like to learn some more facts, I found this interesting site for y’all to look at! Enjoy


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