Life, Love, The World

train of thought

it started with a kiss, isn’t that how it always starts? He kissed her so hard, she knew he had the passion she was looking for. She was a complex woman. She needed a man who could show simple love around the kids and family, but a rough violent passion behind closed doors. She needed someone who could hold a real intelligent conversation, show her romance randomly, and give the effort she always gives. She needed someone who prayed and gave it to God, but still had a bad streak. She needed someone who wanted to live, to have fun, to see the world, but still come home to a simple life and be satisfied. She needed a freak.

Oh how she needed that. She had of course done without in the past, but after so many doing her wrong, now she needed a freak. Someone to satisfy what she had been craving for so long. She needed someone that will kiss her with a sweet passion, then bite and suck her neck till she moaned. She needed someone to lick on her clit softly, then choke her till she couldn’t breathe as he jams his cock deep in her pussy. Yes, she needed a man who took control in the bed. There is nothing sexier then a man who can show his power and strength to control and make love to his woman, without going too far as to hurt her. It takes a rare connection to achieve that perfect level. She just imagined her man, sitting up watching her ass bounce up and down as she rode him to the motion of his hand, tangled deep in her hair. Although she would be on top, he would still have control. All he has to do is yank her hair to the motion in which he feels being grinded on.


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