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He had been around for years, she just never tried to look at him like that, until that night. She knocked on his door, and he slowly opened it up. She took a step up to walk in, but he did not budge. He simply looked at her, and as her eyes met his she got lost in them. She hadn’t seen that look in so long, the look that says “i would fuck your brains out right now”. She tried to act like she didnt notice, simply go to get what she had come for and leave. But he was moving slow, and shirtless. His muscles were tense, and his eyes kept glancing at her with a burning passion. He handed her what she needed, and she said she was about to leave. He just gazed at her, and she looked closely at his face as his jaw clinched tight and his eyes screamed how bad he wanted her. She turned away, and went to leave out the door.

As she got home, that look did not leave out of her mind. It stuck in her brain all night long. She thought of so many ways she could have done that differently and seduced him. When she looked in his eyes, she saw something she had never seen before. She saw a man who was tough, and rough, and sexy as hell. A man who would take control of her like she craved, and fuck her like she was his. She saw a man who craved her so bad he could hardly contain hiself, and was simply waiting on her move to take control of her body. He was someone who would love her like she had been needing for so long. The things she needed in bed, were not normal. And although some men had tried, none of them enjoyed it. She knew this, because it was not so natural to them. A real man, can do what she asks with no problem. She enjoys pain with her pleasure, and she feels that if you are man enough, this task is something you want to do to see me enjoy you. But not every man has this level of passion in them. But that night, she saw that passion in his eyes. She had to have it. And little did she know, he felt the same way– he had to have her.


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