Your mind and body are only as strong as you think they are.

Crazy statement, huh? To think that the only thing that limits us, is ourselves. I have smoke cigarettes faithfully since i was 14. I am now 24, so it has been 10 years. I had quit when pregnant, then started right back up. I already have anxiety, on top of many other things, so to quit cigarettes is a hard chore.

But i promised my son around may of 2015 that i would stop cigarettes by the end of the year.

Ill admit, i went and bought some singles on january 1 through 3. But today, i said no. My fiance went and bought a pack, smoked one in front me, and offered me a hit. The smoke did seen so calming, and what would one hit hurt? But i said no.

I took out my vape pen, and hit that instead. Its not always easy, but it is worth it.. and i know i will feel better in the long run.

If i am not dependent on cigarettes, i am stronger. That is more self control and patience i have gained. Quitting isnt about my health, but a promise to my son, and an attempt to make myself a stronger woman.

That “no” to that cigarette was so empowering. The smoke right there, already lit, and i did not need it. I was okay with out it.

And although i knew the next few days would be hard, i knew every day i did it, i was that much stronger ✌


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