Writing & Photos

Day 1: Greed

It was in the air, everywhere she turned. People betrayed those they loved most because of it. Lies, deception, theft, were all side effects of it. Trust is lost and hearts broken daily. People see not of the damage it does, only what good comes of it; pieces of paper that buy things that cause temporary happiness and long term boredom. In the end, after being distracted so long by this simple piece of paper, we wind up alone. All the things acquired mean nothing when no one is around. Too busy stabbing others in the back and pushing them down, just so you could stand up. It does no good, to stand up alone .We are meant to help one another stand, and as long as this stays our ways, we will slowly fall more and more apart as a world. But we do not see that, we see paper. We see Gold. We see Fame. We see the spotlights.We do not see the effects that are within, damage that is hidden by makeup and overly expensive wardrobe. We see fake smiles and lives we do not understand. All we know is the glamour. And we want it. So everyone chases it, to make it their own. Not understanding, that this is not the way to get anywhere. This is just one of the many false paths in life that will tear you down in the end. You think you will have it all, but really you are surrounded by nothingness. Another soul wasted, on a sin of distraction from real happiness.


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