They are getting there.
They are up for sale on etsy now.

I am proud of my products, because they are all natural. And made with 100% pure essential oils.

I am trying to make changes for a better life, one step is my garden to help my family eat healthier.

The next is all natural bath and beauty products that work efficiently without chemicals that damage your skin.

Below is my first 2 soaps. The brown one is a detox soap that contains ingredients like brwon sugar, oatmeal and honey. The other is a refreshing soap to help you wake up in the mornings, and smells like ocean.

I have to say, i am getting somewere. And it feels good



Below is a link to my etsy store:

Baby Loves Soaps & More!

I will be updating it hopefully every day for the next few days until i get it exactly how i want it.

No need to rush perfection!


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