Writing & Photos

Lust, love, distance

She wanted him. He touched her in a way many couldnt. He kissed her with passion, sucked on her with tenderness, and grabbed and rubbed up and down her body like it was pillows of gold. He made her feel, like the only thing in the world. He made the rest of the world disappear. Without him, the craving for him grew. She stayed patient, because he always came back around. She didnt understand what he saw in her. She didnt understand why he would listen to her ramble on and on for hours, and actually seem to care. She just knew that she wish she could have him closer.

She tried to keep her distsnce. All it took was to see him once more, face to face, and her heart went back to the entangled mode it was once in. When he held her, she felt safe. She didnt want to leave his arms, although she knew she could never have him for long.

She wondered if he felt it too, or if she was just another. everytime they were entangled in each other, just kissing and loving and rubbing, he always spoke of his love for her. But when they separated, there was nothing until the next time they were close..


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