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Tattoo therapy

The needle dug in her skin.
There was pain, but she did not flinch.
She had caused worse harm to herself,
With no gain, other than pain relief.

Now, with this pain, came art.
With this pain, came expression, release, and peace. Wirh this pain, came a beautiful picture to wear forever, like a shield. With this pain, came a story.

She had done self harm in the past, but nothing positive came of it. But scars, which she now covers up, with her shield of art. Of beauty. Letting go of the pain, and the scars she had to look at daily as a reminder.



2 thoughts on “Tattoo therapy”

    1. It truly is. I plan on getting tattoos over all of the scars on my arm. It makes you feel like people see beauty and art, instead of seeing the scars.

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