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Nothing is Permanent

Love is never simple.
It does not come in black and white.
Only grey.
Love is the strongest drug out there,
Lack of love causes a need for stronger
Elements to numb the pain of life.

Love is everlasting,
Even when liking someone fades
Even when the lust for someone is gone,
Love is still there.

It is possible to love many people at once
Even if only one of them is your soul mate
Love doesn’t come in one form
But many shapes, sizes, and qualities.

It is possible to lust over many
But only love one

Just as it is possible to love one
That you do not lust.

But we are so quick to put rules and regulations on love
And what we think it should be
(Or what society has said)
Instead of just listening to love
And what it’s trying to offer us.

We are so scared to lose and to hurt
We forget the world has something in store for us.

Yes, we must try and work hard
But we do not need to stress or worry
Because love will find you when in need.

Whether it be the love of a friend
Or family
Even a child or lover.

Love is on its way to you.

You must project what you wish
To receive in this world,
And be happy for what you get

Or you may lose it all
And love may start to believe
That you don’t want it around.

And without love,
What are we?



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