ADD and natural supplements to help

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and honestly it was a surprise to no one. As a toddler, even people who had had 3 or 4 kids were surprised by hyper he was. At the same time, he also excelled in every academic area way before he was in school. Of course, part of this was how much i worked with him, but a lot of it was his natural intelligence.

However, once he started school, his inability to sit still quickly became a problem. He went from an A student to a C student and i could not understand why. He knew everything that was taught in his class, and was even ahead on many subjects like math.

I finally accepted that maybe my first born was not a normal child, but that was okay. The worst problem about this was the fact they would want him on medicine. I could not fix this with a kiss.

For those who know me, they know i hate medicine  and everything about it. I never even took tylenol for pain, even as a child. I do not like the side effects of medicine, either short term or long term. Even in high school, when perscribed medicine for my ADD, i did not enjoy having to take the medicine.

However, when it came to the difference it made in my son and his ability to do his work, i had no choice but to give him medicine. He went right back up with his grades, but the side effects quickly started.

The medicine he is on now truly messes with his sleep. Sometimes he can not sleep all night, and other days he could be tired by 3pm in the afternoon. On top of that, he has always been a sensitive child.(if you continue to read below, you will see how the two are tied together) it seems that when he is on the medicine, he can slip into a very emotional mood that he can not get out of.

I was stuck then. Either my son was going to do terrible in school (despite how smart he was), or he was going to never sleep and be too emotional to put up with on other days (which was not him before).

So i started doing some research. i actually learned quite a lot, about the both of us.

Basically ADHD is a neuotransmitter imbalance. A lot of times this imbalance is caused by certain vitamin deficiencies. These neurotransmitters can play on other mental problems or issues, such as emotional sensitivities.

Below are some vitamins that could cause ADHD because the body has an imbalance of them.

B-complex: you need an entire b complex simply because they all work together to get their jobs done. however, it is b3 that truly helps with certain behavorial and cognitive problems.

vitamin c: this vitamin helps a lot with cognition and alertness. when you are low on vitamin c, the first signs are confusion and depression.

antioxidants: these help deal with stress, and ADHD puts extra stress on your child and their bodys. this is why its extra important to give them antioxidants before the stress does damage to them.

magnesium: almost 90% of people have a deficiency of this however its a huge stress relieving mineral. epsom salt is a simple and easy way to get more magnesium to you or your children.

zinc: this is a great one for concentration, and is often believed to help with ADHD children as well.

fish oil: EFAs are important to take because your body needs them, but does not naturally product them. However, these truly help with paying attention and having a positive mood.

probiotics: i found this very interesting. many people with ADHD do not show stomach problems, however they usually have hardly any good bacteria in there digestive system.This leaves them prone to all types of stomach issues. that is why probiotics are important to help keep your child all the way healthy.

(i found this interesting because my son has been to many GIs for his stomah issues that we still have not put a name on)

I am still doing more research, and will be sharing more later on. [so look for part 2]


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