Loofah sponges actually come from a plant called the luffa plant. it actually resembles a cucumber, and is sometimes called the chinese okra. however, when dried out they become the perfect all natural sponge.

not only does loofah help exfoliate skin, but it also increases circulation of your blood when using them.

The greatest benefit of using loofah is that it removes dead skin cells, which helps your skin look younger.

However, there have been many reasons to believe that loofah can have its downfall. Like anything, if you do not let your loofah air dry after use, it can start to house harmful bacteria. Also, if not replaced often over time it can have the same effect.

That is why soap with loofah already in it is a great solution! You get the benefits of the loofah, and when you are done with the soap simply throw the loofah away and purchase another one.

Below is a great link to purchase some loofah soap of your very own!


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