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Alton Sterling

This is the hardest entry i have written. This man worked about 1 minute from my home. That is a store i got frequently. All i hear about him is nothing but how kind he was. How hard he worked for his family and children. He was a son, father, husband. He worked everyday to make sure his kids and wife where okay.
You can go into a legal statement, tell me how copyrighting DvDs is wrong… but is it worth a death sentence?

Below are a lot of links. Most are violent and you should watch with caution.

It is time to stand up for our people. We all need to unite together for the rights of everyone. 

The first link i am posting, is alton sterling being assulted by the cops. You can see how they had him detained on the ground before cussing him out and fighting him. 

Some, fishy fucked up facts, about this case. Our cops just got body cams, that convienently fell off as this was happening. Also, they took the stores security camera footage before he could view it himself. 

They said alton had a gun. Even if he did, because it was his legal right, i never see this man with a gun on him. Also, the cops did not confirm a gun on him, and you know they would have been quick to do so if he had one. 

Since then, people in this community have been at the store with signs to show there support for this man, and to show something needs to be done.

All last night and yesterday, people were outside peacefully showing there love. However, some people did get upset late into the night and started blocking the road and jumped on a car.

Was it uncalled for? Yes. But, how can you expect people in this community not to be extremely pissed at what is going on. No one is on our side. We dont even have a hospital with an ER nearby because they felt the need to close the one on our side of town. (Another story…anyways) 

Sadly, the news only showed how rowdy peopler were getting, instead of all the peaceful love that was shown.
However.there are many peaceful protest tonight and this weekend.

If you live near baton rouge, please come show your support.

If not, just share this to make sure it goes viral everywhere. 

Rip to this man, and prayers && much love going to his family. 

Video of the shooting

Video of people gathering to show respect

Video of his auntie speaking

People gathering around the store last night

The sweet man who lost his life, along with his family. 

Events going on locally
#blacklivesmatter #ripaltonsterling

Remember this is not a time to stand apart. I see a lot of people saying #alllivesmatter, and i feel this is obvious. This is not the time for that, that takes away from the importance if what #blacklivesmatter is saying. We need everyone to stand up, in order to make a change.

Hope to see yall this evening at 6❤


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  1. I completely agree with everything said. This should not have happened and we all need to come together and do somethin about this. My last entry was actually on this topic so give it a read

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