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Below are pictures i found from friends pages from the vigil last night. To see everyone come together was truly inspiring. I feel terrible i was unable to make it. I went to by shirts in honor of mr.cdman, and then lost my babysitter.
But, the videos i saw. The speeches i heard. It was amazing. A lot of people tried to act like it was a riot or protest, but it was nothing more than a peaceful ceremony to show respect. 

I did get to drive through the area throughout the day, and seeing all the honking from cars (and getting to honk, wave, and talk to people as i got stuck in the traffic on the street) it just felt like love in the area. Still, even today, are more people out there showing love.

They have also done an incredible mural for alton in front of the store, were he used to always sell his CDs. 

This weekend they will be having a protest at the police department. I intend to be a part of this regardless of what i must do.

*Graphic video

In case you did not know, there was a second video released of the shooting of alton. This video clearly shows him with both hands pinned down, as well as no gun near by. Whats even worse is the person who called 911 was a homeless man, who was asking alton for money. When alton told him to beat it, and that he had a gun, the homeless man ran off and called in the 911 call. And this is how it resulted?

And then…. Yet again, i wake up this morning to a terrible video. Another man has been shot by the police in Minnesota, this time in front of his daughter and girlfriend. 

Philandro Castile worked for the school cafeteria system (in management somewhere). He never had a record. He did have a gun in the car with papers, and informed the officer of that. They got pulled over for a broken taillight, and the officer asked to see his license. As philandro went to grab for his license, he was shot by the officer four times.

At this point his girlfriend went live to show the world. It was even more heartbreaking then the entire video of Alton. You see philandro, holding on for life. You hear the cop scream mulitpile times throughout the 9 minute video “fuck” as if he knows he fucked up. You eventually see the camera get thrown out her hand after they ask her to get out the car like a criminal, even though she did nothing wrong.
You eventually hear her scream, one of the worst screams to ever hear, as she realizes he is dead. I did not watch past this point, as i was crying too much. People say they heard the daughter at some point try to comfort her mom. 

The fact that these arent even all of the victims from the past week who have been killed by cops haunts me. I saw a picture (below) that really got to me. Someone explaining to their son at an early age how to deal with cops. It is sad, that in this world i must tell my son at age 6 how to handle this. 

I can honestly say i am heartbroken for our community. It is good to see people starting to wake up and speak up, but we must also get up and work for change. We must demand it, and not stop till we achieve it. This has to end. 


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