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As humans, we naturally feel others emotions. We are all connected whether we want to admit it or not, and I honestly believe it takes pain to make someone NOT care about other people. Pain can do a lot of things to our body. Physical pain can weaken your body. However, with time it can be healed. What about emotional pain? Emotional pain can make you forget your entire childhood. Emotional pain can make someone afraid of something forever, or have anger that can not control. Emotional pain can make people snap, and do unthinkable things.

Why is it, that we always go to a doctor for physical pain, but not emotional pain? Do we believe that we can heal emotional pains, when we do not even understand them ourselves? Kind of crazy, that insurance will cover a doctor for routine checkups, but not a psychologist to see how someone is doing mentally.

People can carry a lot of emotional weight, but everyone has a breaking point. Too often we as people forget this, and forget to help our fellow neighbor just because we do not care. We have forgotten basic respect for human life and love. Now, with so much going on, is the best time we can all unite as one. Whatever beliefs you may have, that is fine, but that does not mean you should harm or ignore your neighbors and fellow community members if they are in pain and suffering. This is the time for us to bind together, so we can heal and strengthen together. Then we can fight together, peacefully for justice.


In such hard times, never forget about how someone else feels. Remember we all have an untold story, and with so much pain in everyone’s eyes, it is easy to see that everyone needs to be heard right now. If we sit back and listen, and hold our brothers and sisters up when they are weak, we can all stand strong through whatever comes our way.

Things are not going to get any better in this world. We must remember that we can not kill racism with racism. Hate will not cure hate. Now is a time for love and peace, to stop all the hate and violence. Remember that these acts of negativity are nothing more than a greater evil at work, and with prayer or meditation we can get the positivity back in this world. Remember also that this government wants us to hurt, and to fall apart. They do not want us to stick together, because in great numbers we are more powerful then them. They want us to get angry, so they can either arrest us, or we kill each other.

Yes, they have racism in this world. At the end of the day, they want this to start a race war so we kill each other, don’t let it come to that. Don’t fuel all this hate, with more hate. It is not a time for that.


Pain will make us do unspeakable things. We must remember to get rid of this pain peacefully, and this will only happen when we stand together to heal as one.


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