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I wrote this almost 3 months ago, while protesting for equality in America. I never got around to gathering all the pictures and videos like I had wanted, but I still felt the need to publish this and release this information.

Still, almost 4 months later, there is no justice for Alton Sterling…


“Protest have broken out all over the world because of the recent innocent lives taken by police. Many places all over America, police have helped people protest and left them alone. However, that is not the case in Baton Rouge, La. I have personally been to protest, and have watched my friends at other protest, and not once have I seen anyone get upset or out of hand. I have, however, seen cops come out in SWAT gear as people peacefully protested. I have seen the cops rush us as we were protesting, and we were told to leave or we would be arrested. I have seen drones come out to play as we were protesting. I saw people get arrested on private property in someone’s yard, even though the owner of the home was trying to get people in her yard specifically to keep them safe. They have release tear gas to back us up. They have arrested over 300 people ( I am sure the number is higher now) over peaceful protest.

What I am finding is police brutality, and our basic rights as Americans being broken.

I am uploading the video’s I have, along with pictures, of the protests. Personally, it was mixed emotions as I went. Me and my boyfriend bought water and chips for everyone to stay hydrated. Everyone I met they were nice to me, ready to join hands and peacefully protest. The feeling had such unity behind it. Then people would run, as cops rushed us. I felt scared, terrified. In my video, I am not the most calm and I do cuss a lot ( I apologize). but with such anger at the cops, seeing how they were treating people, it was hard to keep calm. We even had cops point us out, simply because. (you’ll hear me talking about it on the video)

A lot of these videos and photos are getting deleted off social sites, so make sure to share this. We need all the truth we can getting spread right now.”

This is someone elses account of the protest i was at.


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