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Louisiana Flood 2016

This has been a terrible 2 for louisiana. I have seen my city go through loss, chaos, injustice, brutal attacks, and now a flood. It was a terrifying few days. Literally every small town around baton rouge flooded. And baton rouge flooded as well. Places in our city that arent even in a flood zone, are now up to roof tops in water. It took over everywhere around us, to the point all we could do was watch. It took over one side of our road, and literally got a few homes away. We went in our driveway, and looked to the left, and our street turned into a lake. If we went the other day, as soon as we turned everything was flooded. I spent days trying to get in touch with everyone i care for, and hearing that most of them lost everything breaks my heart. I am so thankful we made it out okay, but to see literally everyone around me with nothing makes my heart ache. There is no denying this was a terrible disaster, even if national media does not want to cover it. I am looking at pictures of my city, and it has literally turned into a swamp. I hear boats and helicopters all day and night, as people are trying to get saved. Currently 10,000 people are in shelters, and most people are honestly still around their homes are with family waiting to see what they can save when the water goes down. I have friends who had to get saved my boats, spend hours wading through deep water to get to safety, who dont even have a vehicle anymore. I have friends with kids, who somehow have to rebuy and find new uniforms for school, even though they have no car to even get to work. This water is not safe either. Because we are in louisiana, there are now alligators in some areas of the flood. There are people missing, and im sure once the flood waters go down it is not going to be a pretty site. My heart is breaking for my city, because everyone is now staring like “what now?” I cant even go on Facebook without wanting to cry. The water is starting to go down now, but this is only the beginning of our recovery. Louisianas pain is not over, it is only beginning. 

Anyone who has been here always has a special place in their heart for Louisiana. There is a lot of evil, but so much love and heart as well. We have a spirit and soul that can not be crushed. Although we have all been devastated, we have come together stronger than ever as a city. We still must stay strong in the next few weeks, as everyone adjusts to a new life. Hopefully everyone who has been hurt, will get the help they need. 

Right now, we all ache though. We all mourn to see our city and the condition it is in. At this time, i ask everyone around the world for prayer. That is what has kept everyone so safe during this, along with all the brave people of our city who came together to save the people who were in harms way. 


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