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Diomede Islands

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Did you have any idea that there was an island there? Yeah, me either. Apparently, the Diomede Islands are right along the Bering strait. There are actually 2 islands all together that are separated between Russia and the USA.

There is Big Diomede, which is still only 4 square miles and under Russia’s control. Although there is no population that actually lives there, it is still used as a Russian weather station. To the east of that, is Little Diomede. This is under the control of Alaska, and has the Chukchi people living there. These people are skilled seaman, although in 1880 the census only counted 40 people in the island, in a town called “Inalet”. Now, it has about 140 people living on the small island, and apparently Big Diomede is also used as a military base.

Because the two islands fall right on the international date line, Big Diomede is about 21 hours ahead of Little Diomede.


The Diomede Islands are definitely a project I am still researching, although I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention. A lot of facts on different websites are mixed and have conflicting content.

Example: One website told me that Big Diomede was used as a military base during WWII, and the other said that it is used as a military base now. Even then, another site said it was used for a weather station now.

For some reason, I saw this island on T.V. and just thought it was fascinating. Definitely a little piece of this earth many people do not know exist. Had to share this with everyone!

I will be doing more research on these islands, from the history to what goes on today, and will make sure to post any new facts on here below as updates!


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