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5 tips for starting your garden

When it comes to gardening, what do you think of? If you  are anything like me, you think of amazing  homegrown  vegetables and fruits,  that you yourself can not grow. However, you have to realize that gardening had been going on for centuries. Before there were grocery stores to visit and get food from, you had to grow your food or make something to trade for it.

With all the problems in this world, i thought it a good idea to go ahead and try to grow sosmething myself. However, i had it set in my mind that i would not overspend or  waste on this project. So, when i first tried to plant seeds i bought everything but the seeds from dollar tree. I wil say, i did well. I had about 6 sprouts out of 30 that sprouted good, and 5 that are still alive and growing.

Then i went to Walmart, bought the same things, only this time i bought some soil that was organic and great for plants (but still on sale). In a few weeks, I had a whole bunch of sprouts, that are still growing strong. 

 So, lets just say i have had  a lot of experimenting with plants and after all  of that, I have come up with a few gardening 101 basics.  

1. SOIL:If nothing  else, you must spend a few dollars on soil. It is easy to buy cheap panters and gardening tools, but soil is something you have to buy because without it, plants do not thrive the same. Even with seeds, you can regrow from bought foods or buy  some seeds from dolar tree, but your soil is what makes or breaks your plants.

2. HABIT: you have to make gardening like showering or brushing your teeth, something of habit. If you miss a few days of your plants, they wil notice. Before you know it, you have spent weeks on plants  that you have now let die, because you forgot to water just a day or so.

3. ATTENTION: i know nothing about plants. until i tried to grow them. Now i know that certain types of problems show themselves in plants. Certain  brown designs and spots might be a bug, while others  might be too much or too little water.

4. BUGS:you  will have them, whether  you do organic or not. At the end of the day, every  type of land has certain bugs that will go after your plants. Dont get mad, all it takes is a quick google search and fo you to see what you must do to fix the problem before your plants die.

5. TIME:patience is key, nothing gets grown over night. Ihave plants to this day that have stil not sprouted, but they are growing. Pay attention to your plants  and what they are telling you, because every plant has its own needs and its own method of growing.


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