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Because your a girl…

Dye your hair, straighten it, no.. now curly is in, style it like this every day. 

Wax your eyebrows, but put on brow makeup to define them. 

Cake makeup in your face, contour, bronzer,lipstick. 

Shave them legs, them arms, and everywhere in between. 

Your boobs are too small, wear this pushup bra thats gonna hurt everyday. Or buy some new ones.

Gut… who has that? Better stick on a corset or get s tummy tuck.

You dont have an ass? Why havent you bought one yet? 

Dress fine, even if you arent comfortable. Keep those heels on, you look good. 

Dont forget your fake eyelashes on the way out. Suck in your gut, stand up straight. 

Get this new accessorry! Every girl has it and now you need it so you can stay up to the pretty standards!

Your too fat, but she is too thin. 

World of a woman, every day. 


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