Writing & Photos

Sex on the Brain. 

She wanted sex, and not everyday normal sex. She wanted mind blowing, heart stopping, i cant breathe or speak sex. She wanted to be touched in every way. She wanted to be kissed softly, bitten on the lip. She wanted to feel finger tips rub up her thigh and deep inside her. She wanted to be nibbled and kissed all over. She wanted to be tied down, gagged up and choked. She wanted to be spanked and stroked all in the same motion. She wanted to feel those manly hands grip around her throat and choke her so hard shed squirt all over his cock. There was only one who chocked her right, so you could feel the pain and still be able to breathe. She wanted to ride his cock as he chocked her. She wanted to have a friend come so she could have someone to lick on. She wanted to make him cum and let him squirt it all over her face. She wanted to lick his cock up and down as shoved it in her mouth as her hands were handcuffed behind her back. She wanted to have her girl slowly kiss her up and down as he watched, and then she wanted to go down on her and lick her till she cam on her. Then when he was ready for more, she could ride him while she kissed on her girl and rubbed on his balls. She wanted to be pushed up against the wall, hair pulled all the way, hand around her throat, as he fucked her and her girl hit a handstand so shed have pussy in her face. She wanted them to make her cum, because it wad to much for her to just let go…you have to make it cum with her. She wanted to freely cum and just completely pet herself go.  


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