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She didnt get to see him often, and once she was around him neither of them wanted to leave. Just the way his lips touched hers made her weak. Just thinking about them, made her lips tingle. His hands, they were so strong, tough and gentle in all the right ways. They got to hold one another, talk, rub on each other. She didnt have long, and wanted to refuse to leave. He hugged her tight, and wrapping his arms around her in a way that made her feel so secure. He picked her up, and held her as she rubbed her face into his neck softly. He felt so good. She wanted to stsy there forever, legs wrapped around him, both of them holding one another tight. They both knew it had been too long. They also knew each other were dangerous, but couldnt forget each other. It was impossible to leave him alone, and he felt the same. She asked him why hed come by to visit, to tease her when he cant touch her. He said its better to see her and cant touch her, than not to see her at all. She felt the exact same. He described gazing in her face, and she can remember all the times she felt nervous while he was around, sitting up extra straight to look good. As soon as she drove off, she got upset. She wanted to turn around, but responsibilities kept her away. She couldn’t wait for a new day, a new place, and to hold him every time she wanted. 


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