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I spent the first part of my life letting the words and feelings of others bring me down. It wasn’t until recently I realized, they have nothing to do with me. I had people in my own family, tell me that art is not a suitable living for any person, and that I need to go to college and get a job like everyone else. I had people tell me I was not pretty enough, or skinny enough, to model and act. I had friends tell me that my writing would never get published.

So I tried what they world wanted from me. I went to college, and flunked out. I tried to get in shape, only to have photographers love me the was I was. I quit writing, not realizing that years later that would be my major income.

I let so many others feelings of hate and doubt fill me, that I had started to feel it myself. It weighed me down, until I realized that life is too short to please others. That is when I redid my game plan, for me and my kids.

I started writing daily, only to have people love what I had to say. I started taking pictures weekly, only to get a photography gig that paid within the first month. I started taking photos, only to get signed immediately by small clothing companies, and this was before I got all the way in shape.

Now, I am about to be published author. Now, my photos are used for huge marketing companies everyday. Now, I workout to get in better shape simply to be happier and healthier. Now, I get to take photos with products I love, and get paid for them.

People will spend their entire lives, just trying to influence you on what they think you need to do. Funny part is, life is too short. As long as you are happy, that is all that matters. Be true to who you are, and stop trying to please others. If they are not happy with your life, they do not have to be a part of it. This is your chance to go for your dreams, not theirs. People always think they know your limits, until you burst through those accusations and show them just how high you plan to reach.



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