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Life tried to get me down…

Life hit me hard today. However, instead of letting it ruin my day, and sit there and mope, i decided to really think about all this… this is not the old me. I am not going to let dissapointment, over jobs or personal things, affect what i must get done. This is a learning experience, and more strength for what i need to focus on.

When things go wrong in your day, realize its only 1 of 2 things: the devil trying to test you, or God trying to make room for something better ✌🏽However, how you choose to react impacts the outcome…Make sure you choose wisely.πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ 
This is something i had to remind myself, especially on days like today when everything seems to go wrong. ❀
Below is a thought i posted long ago, hope it helps you rethink those “rough” days. 


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