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The air was thick, so thick it was hard to inhale. The room was old, and musty. It felt like home, but this was not home. She walked to the window, and saw a giant yard she did not recognize, yet it felt like this was her yard. She was also upstairs, apparently, in what felt like was her bedroom. She turned around. A giant bedin the center of the room, 3 doors all of which were closed. It was dusty, she could see dust flying around the room were the windows let light creep into the room. 

A loud thump, which came from the left, cut her time short in the room. She instantly knew what to do. Darting across the room and past the bed, she quickly went to the door that was to her right. She grabbed the cold door handle and turned it, and opened the door to escape. She did not know what she was afraid of, but she knew she had to run. Her heart was going a mile a minute, but it was only from fear. 

She jumped down the first set stairs that were on the other side of the door, and then skipped step to step to get down the rest. She heard voices behind her, but did not have time to look. When she finished hopping down the steps, she took a moment to turn around and couldn’t believe what she saw. 
This was no normal two story house. The house itself stood on wood beams, and these beams were at least two stories up alone. The house itself, two stories and maybe an attic, was old. It looked as if it should not be standing, but it was. The paint was all chipped and it almost appeared to just be a dirt color. The windows, mostly broken and covered curtains that were all dark colors. Then that one giant set of stairs, leading to the room she was in. 

She had not run that long, or at least she didn’t feel as if she had. In the window next to the door, she saw a shadow. It was not moving, but it sounded as if 2 male voices were rummaging around in their fussing back and forth. 


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