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Get Up Already!


It took a lot in me to see the difference between people that spoke, and people that put those words to actions. I don’t know if it took me so long because I wanted to believe everyone around me, and all their excuses; or if I was slowly becoming a person that only spoke and never tried.

Eventually, I could ignore it no longer. I could not keep caring for those people who could not possibly care about me like they said they did. I could not keep being one of those people who sat around all day with excuses.

I was too tired. I didn’t feel good. Why does this always happen to me?

God, I was annoying. I was whiney, and for no reason. Funny thing is, if I had actually tried, I would be so much farther now. The fact I finally see things moving for me, plus looking at my old self is exactly what keeps me motivated to keep pushing.

People who sit around with excuses to why life doesn’t work out, are the same ones who have sat around their whole lives and waited for a chance to pop in their lap. Life doesn’t work that way. Life is hard work, networking, building connections. Life is not giving up when you get knocked down, because that is only a test to see how bad you want it. Life is not letting others negativity affect you, because you know those are just excuses for you to not even try.

I truly believe everyone’s life has a purpose. However, if you do not try to go and find it, your life will pass you by and be wasted. Whether you believe that we go to heaven/hell after we die, whether you believe we are born as something or someone new, or whether you believe something in between… why waste this life? Doesn’t that make this time here, soft of important?

You can sit around, waste your life on excuses, and watch people actually live on TV and social media. Or, you can stop moping around and wasting those hours in your day, and become productive.

I have plenty articles on this blog on being productive and how to quit wasting your time, and I guess this is why. I personally was the main person depressed and thought my life was over, at 25. How silly of me. My life is just in the making. I plan on making it a great one, and in 5 years you will see just how much has changed.

You don’t want to be following me, and see how things have changed, and look back and wish you had started then. Do you?

Make a to-do list. When you fail and forget to do certain goals, which you will, just try again. (I did it many times before I got myself in order)

If you are making a small difference in your daily routine for the better, it means you are already halfway there.





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