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Rainy days never hurt so good

Something about her soul captivated them and drew them to her. She didnt understand what was so mystical about her soul. She loved to love, loved to connect with other human beings. She hated to hurt them. She hated to see them hurt. She could never be what they wanted her to. She was a free spirit, one meant to be free. She was connected to this earth, a not meant to be bound by one. She had a natural ambition to show love to this world, but she expected nothing in return. All the hate that was slowly casting shadows on this world hurt her. She could see the holes it was making on this spiritual earth. It was affecting souls of humans and animals, in ways that not all could see. 

Something about them had her compelled. She wanted to care for them, be there for them. She wanted to show them love, watch them grow. She wanted to be a part of them, she just couldnt be the main part. 


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