Writing & Photos

Some Future Creations

I write a lot, but have been working hard to start drawing and taking pictures more often. Recently I did a painting for my dad, and I had not painted in probably 8 years. However, it was still one of the best paintings I have done, and even he agrees.

On top of this, I have also started working on some cute creatures. I have so many, it is almost hard to narrow down. For awhile I debated on what to do with all the fans for my creatures.

I thought of doing stickers, pins, small things like that. Even debated on air fresheners and bumper stickers. Then I met an amazing girl on Instagram who goes by the name of: @mysexyartlife She was an amazing artist, and had these super cool pinup dolls. But another awesome thing she did was make clay charms.

I realized that this was the direction my creatures need to go. I have some interesting sketches, and am working hard to narrow down some themes of charms that match, etc.


However, I wanted to give y’all a preview, even though most of them are not colored or finalized yet. I will be uploading all finalized sketches as well.


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