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One theme per page. This theme?  Women ๐Ÿ’› Will post finished copy later on. 

Writing & Photos

His touch has changed…

His touch doesn't feel the same that it once did. It used to feel warm and comforting. He used to entangle his fingers through her, and she would have a sigh of relief knowing she is safe. He used to give her sweet kisses on the cheek, and that was all she needed to make… Continue reading His touch has changed…

Writing & Photos

How does it feel…ย 

Growing up, she listened to words, paid attention to actions, but always trusted how she felt. Her instincts have never led her wrong, which is how she knew someone was watching out for her from up. If she did as she pleased, or as she wished, she would feel her energy drain because she was… Continue reading How does it feel…ย