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How does it feel… 

Growing up, she listened to words, paid attention to actions, but always trusted how she felt. Her instincts have never led her wrong, which is how she knew someone was watching out for her from up. If she did as she pleased, or as she wished, she would feel her energy drain because she was headed the wrong way. However, if she did as she felt was right, and listened to what her heart and soul was telling her, then she would feel energized, motivated and focused. 

Listening to what you feel is hard. Everyone has two voices picking at their brain, and if they listen to the wrong one they will never go anywhere. However once you find the right voice, your true intuition, than you will see your full potential. 

Being lazy, and doing as your self-indulgent side always wishes, is not only letting yourself down. Its stopping your full potential, which could possibly change someones life for the better, or even the entire world. 
Everything in this world is in sync. You get the type of energy you give off. By doing positive, being your best self, and always pushing forward; you will help better yourself and the world around you. In return, you will see your dreams fall into place. 

She used to be negative, to herself and others. Because of this. Everytime she stepped outside, the world seemed depressing. 
She had to wake up. She had to change. She had to tell herself it was going to get better, and her dreams would happen;even when she didnt believe it herself. She pushed, daily. Overtime, she felt whole. She felt her purpose. She felt confident, happy. The world felt warm and inviting when she stepped outside. 

She went from describing the days as “hot, sticky, and gross” to “a great day to explore the outdoors”. She went from seeing chores as a silly think she was stuck doing every week, to something that helped her get ahead for the week. She went from seeing the world as scary, to seeing it as something she needed to explore. And for the first time in 26 years, she felt beautiful. She felt ready to be received by the world, careless of their words or judgements. 


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