Behind The Blog

I am a woman of many crafts. Photography and writing are my passion, but I also have a love for building and just creating. This world, and our lives, are too short to be busy with negativity and destroying this world even more. I am very open minded, and love to educate myself on the truth.

I am spiritual, and have a love for the One above. I do not give him a name, because he goes by many names, and I respect them all. I do not see the world like you. What you think is wrong, because your government said it is, might be fine to me, because the man up above said nothing of it. I try my best, although we all let him down, to live by his rules on a daily.

I have traveled many places around the world, but grew up a southern bell in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. I am always trying to meet more people around the world, and see what their views and lives are like. Too often we are so obsessed with crazy things like fame, that we forget all the other wonders of this world.

I am blessed with amazing parents, amazing kids, and a small group of amazing friends that I stay close with. I do suffer from some mental disorders, and speak on them bluntly simply because I hate the stigma we have on these things. I was born like this, I will die like this, and I will be loved like this.