12 Motivational Quotes 

If i have learned anything from life, it's that it is all about attitude. How you think greatly impacts how your life goes. Below i have 12 quotes that are truly inspiring when it comes to getting motivated:  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  –Wayne Gretzky The mind is everything. What you… Continue reading 12 Motivational Quotes 


9 30-day challenges to try 

Looking for something to jumpstart those new years resolutions? I can't say I am a big fan myself, although I absolutely love the idea of trying weekly, or even monthly challenges. Sometimes it takes seeing the affects of one small change, for someone to realize the impact certain efforts can have.  Below I have compiled… Continue reading 9 30-day challenges to try 



Loofah sponges actually come from a plant called the luffa plant. it actually resembles a cucumber, and is sometimes called the chinese okra. however, when dried out they become the perfect all natural sponge. not only does loofah help exfoliate skin, but it also increases circulation of your blood when using them. The greatest benefit… Continue reading Loofah


Benefits of the Dead Sea

There is something truly magical about The Dead Sea. It is a salt lake that is actually 400m deep, which is apparently the lowest point on dry land. Pretty cool to think about. You can find this sea around Israel and Jordan and its beauty will capture you instantly. On top of its beauty, the… Continue reading Benefits of the Dead Sea


ADD and natural supplements to help

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and honestly it was a surprise to no one. As a toddler, even people who had had 3 or 4 kids were surprised by hyper he was. At the same time, he also excelled in every academic area way before he was in school. Of course, part of… Continue reading ADD and natural supplements to help


How to get rid of those terrible habits

Whether its smoking, shopping, or anything in between; we all have that one bad habit that we want to get rid of. Although we may speak on stopping a lot, once a habit is set in our minds it is extremely difficult to actually do so. Sometime we can even disappoint other or even ourselves… Continue reading How to get rid of those terrible habits



They are getting there. They are up for sale on etsy now. I am proud of my products, because they are all natural. And made with 100% pure essential oils. I am trying to make changes for a better life, one step is my garden to help my family eat healthier. The next is all… Continue reading Soaps



Your mind and body are only as strong as you think they are. Crazy statement, huh? To think that the only thing that limits us, is ourselves. I have smoke cigarettes faithfully since i was 14. I am now 24, so it has been 10 years. I had quit when pregnant, then started right back… Continue reading Strength

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Psychology Life Hacks

I honestly believe that psychology should be a mandatory class in high school, and when students take it, it should be based like a college psychology class. Why you ask? Because our brains are tricky. We can not learn to control our life until we can control ourselves. You must learn about yourself spiritually, mentally,… Continue reading Psychology Life Hacks