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Chapter 1 Excerpt

Working on quite a few E-books, although at the moment most of them are simply researched E-books on useful topics. This might take longer to publish, but this is the beginning of my own personal book. Let's just say, I am working on doing more than just romantic short stories and blogs. So here is… Continue reading Chapter 1 Excerpt

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DIY: Slime Recipe 

One of the great things about summer is running out of things to do. Although this sounds bad, it always means that there is time to find something new to try. This summer, my daughter discovered slime. I am not sure were it started, although I think Youtube Kids had something to do with it,… Continue reading DIY: Slime Recipe 

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She was about to leave, when he pinned her up against the wall. He kissed her soft lips, that was the end of it all. She couldnt breathe, couldnt move, she was caught in a trance. Then he kissed her softly as he unbuttoned her pants.  Funny how a quick touch, ends up being so… Continue reading ❌❌❌

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Short thought

Take me away, somewhere i can roam. I am supposed to be free, i am supposed to be me.  Let me explore, grow, and live. And as i love you, flaws and all, I expect you to do me the same.  Love all of me, only me. Everyone can have love for things. Sex, affection,… Continue reading Short thought

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Life tried to get me down…

Life hit me hard today. However, instead of letting it ruin my day, and sit there and mope, i decided to really think about all this... this is not the old me. I am not going to let dissapointment, over jobs or personal things, affect what i must get done. This is a learning experience,… Continue reading Life tried to get me down…

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What comes natural

I tried for so long to live the way people thought i should. I also sent myself into a depression over trying to be a woman i was not, for a man who didn't really love me. It seemed that the harder i tried to be what i wasn't, the worse i failed. Even in… Continue reading What comes natural

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I spent the first part of my life letting the words and feelings of others bring me down. It wasn't until recently I realized, they have nothing to do with me. I had people in my own family, tell me that art is not a suitable living for any person, and that I need to… Continue reading Negativity..

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She didnt get to see him often, and once she was around him neither of them wanted to leave. Just the way his lips touched hers made her weak. Just thinking about them, made her lips tingle. His hands, they were so strong, tough and gentle in all the right ways. They got to hold… Continue reading Him. 

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Because your a girl…

Dye your hair, straighten it, no.. now curly is in, style it like this every day.  Wax your eyebrows, but put on brow makeup to define them.  Cake makeup in your face, contour, bronzer,lipstick.  Shave them legs, them arms, and everywhere in between.  Your boobs are too small, wear this pushup bra thats gonna hurt… Continue reading Because your a girl…

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Sex on the Brain. 

She wanted sex, and not everyday normal sex. She wanted mind blowing, heart stopping, i cant breathe or speak sex. She wanted to be touched in every way. She wanted to be kissed softly, bitten on the lip. She wanted to feel finger tips rub up her thigh and deep inside her. She wanted to… Continue reading Sex on the Brain.