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Life in MY mind.

He turned his back on her. Others were there, but they werent what she wanted. She wanted him. But all of him, not part of him, not a him she had to share. Up all night, sleepy all day, and pain from the pasttearing at her. No one to listen. No one to talk to.… Continue reading Life in MY mind.

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Day 1: Greed

It was in the air, everywhere she turned. People betrayed those they loved most because of it. Lies, deception, theft, were all side effects of it. Trust is lost and hearts broken daily. People see not of the damage it does, only what good comes of it; pieces of paper that buy things that cause… Continue reading Day 1: Greed

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Living with social anxiety is literally like living on display. You feel everyone is looking at and judging you. The worst part is, you want to meet people so bad, but you have no idea how to warm up to people. Once people know you. They love you. But how do you get to that… Continue reading Anxiety