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One theme per page. This theme?  Women ๐Ÿ’› Will post finished copy later on. 

Writing & Photos

Some Future Creations

I write a lot, but have been working hard to start drawing and taking pictures more often. Recently I did a painting for my dad, and I had not painted in probably 8 years. However, it was still one of the best paintings I have done, and even he agrees. On top of this, I… Continue reading Some Future Creations

Writing & Photos

Photo Preview

I am currently working on some pictures that are going to be for sale. Here is a preview of some of them, I have more on my website (link coming soon). Of course, when you purchase there will not be GIANT WORDS in the center of it, that is just to protect my work. Enjoy… Continue reading Photo Preview

Writing & Photos

What comes natural

I tried for so long to live the way people thought i should. I also sent myself into a depression over trying to be a woman i was not, for a man who didn't really love me. It seemed that the harder i tried to be what i wasn't, the worse i failed. Even in… Continue reading What comes natural


9 30-day challenges to tryย 

Looking for something to jumpstart those new years resolutions? I can't say I am a big fan myself, although I absolutely love the idea of trying weekly, or even monthly challenges. Sometimes it takes seeing the affects of one small change, for someone to realize the impact certain efforts can have.  Below I have compiled… Continue reading 9 30-day challenges to tryย 

Writing & Photos

Tattoo therapy

The needle dug in her skin. There was pain, but she did not flinch. She had caused worse harm to herself, With no gain, other than pain relief. Now, with this pain, came art. With this pain, came expression, release, and peace. Wirh this pain, came a beautiful picture to wear forever, like a shield.… Continue reading Tattoo therapy

Writing & Photos

tattoo therapy

butterfly with skulls on the wings a reminder that evil can not hold us down. a sexy woman, turnt to zombie, to show how even the most beautiful can feel empty inside. two dates, and a name a reminder of only a few out of all that have been lost. a bright pink kiss, sits… Continue reading tattoo therapy