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The air was thick, so thick it was hard to inhale. The room was old, and musty. It felt like home, but this was not home. She walked to the window, and saw a giant yard she did not recognize, yet it felt like this was her yard. She was also upstairs, apparently, in what… Continue reading Sampleย 

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Chapter 1 Excerpt

Working on quite a few E-books, although at the moment most of them are simply researched E-books on useful topics. This might take longer to publish, but this is the beginning of my own personal book. Let's just say, I am working on doing more than just romantic short stories and blogs. So here is… Continue reading Chapter 1 Excerpt

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Overwhelmed. So many things running through my mind, yet i have the energy for none of them.  Indecisive. I have no idea what career i see myself doing in 10 years, and that doesnt seem to be changing.  Flustered. My chest stays fluttering and i literally have no idea why.  Stressed. Overly stressed, to the… Continue reading Anxiety