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She looked her mother in the eyes. Her body was all there. When she hugged her, she felt her mothers grasp and warmth. In her mothers eyes, she did not look the same. When her mother spoke, it did not sound like things she would say. Her eyes, were just dark and alone. Like someone… Continue reading Mom

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She wasn't normal. She didn't think like them or feel like them. She was never in with the crowd, or your cliche beauty queen. She was tough, a tom boy with a soft heart. She dreamed more then others, and sometimes got to feeling down harder then most. But my god, she was beautiful. Just… Continue reading Different.

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Hit me.

She felt like she had been in the 5 stages of acceptance, only she got stuck on anger. She didnt understand. He would not fight. He would not change. He would not try. There was such a strong lack of passion for so long, she almost wish he would hit her. At least then she… Continue reading Hit me.

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tattoo therapy

butterfly with skulls on the wings a reminder that evil can not hold us down. a sexy woman, turnt to zombie, to show how even the most beautiful can feel empty inside. two dates, and a name a reminder of only a few out of all that have been lost. a bright pink kiss, sits… Continue reading tattoo therapy