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Drawing & thinking

When i pictured my life as an adult, it used to be so simple. A decent home in the country. Kids and pets all over, a small garden outside. Spending days with a man i love, and our kids, on our land. Riding dirt bikes, going fishing. Learning and loving. Growing my business to the… Continue reading Drawing & thinking

Writing & Photos


I spent the first part of my life letting the words and feelings of others bring me down. It wasn't until recently I realized, they have nothing to do with me. I had people in my own family, tell me that art is not a suitable living for any person, and that I need to… Continue reading Negativity..

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Time Management

While researching, I had learned that a lot of people want to learn things, but not all of them want to put the time into researching it like I do. Or, even worse, they want to but do not have the time in there schedule everyday to do so. Tons more people in this world… Continue reading Time Management