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Sometimes we can begin those we feel we need for help, and get nothing in return. Sometimes we spend years trying to deal with feelings that they don't care to deal with. Sometimes you just grow when they don't.  That's not your fault. You can not stunt your growth for them. It will only hurt… Continue reading Sometimes.Β 



Loofah sponges actually come from a plant called the luffa plant. it actually resembles a cucumber, and is sometimes called the chinese okra. however, when dried out they become the perfect all natural sponge. not only does loofah help exfoliate skin, but it also increases circulation of your blood when using them. The greatest benefit… Continue reading Loofah


Benefits of the Dead Sea

There is something truly magical about The Dead Sea. It is a salt lake that is actually 400m deep, which is apparently the lowest point on dry land. Pretty cool to think about. You can find this sea around Israel and Jordan and its beauty will capture you instantly. On top of its beauty, the… Continue reading Benefits of the Dead Sea



Your mind and body are only as strong as you think they are. Crazy statement, huh? To think that the only thing that limits us, is ourselves. I have smoke cigarettes faithfully since i was 14. I am now 24, so it has been 10 years. I had quit when pregnant, then started right back… Continue reading Strength