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DIY: Slime Recipe 

One of the great things about summer is running out of things to do. Although this sounds bad, it always means that there is time to find something new to try. This summer, my daughter discovered slime. I am not sure were it started, although I think Youtube Kids had something to do with it,… Continue reading DIY: Slime Recipe 


ADD and natural supplements to help

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and honestly it was a surprise to no one. As a toddler, even people who had had 3 or 4 kids were surprised by hyper he was. At the same time, he also excelled in every academic area way before he was in school. Of course, part of… Continue reading ADD and natural supplements to help

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Psychology Life Hacks

I honestly believe that psychology should be a mandatory class in high school, and when students take it, it should be based like a college psychology class. Why you ask? Because our brains are tricky. We can not learn to control our life until we can control ourselves. You must learn about yourself spiritually, mentally,… Continue reading Psychology Life Hacks