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Short thought

Take me away, somewhere i can roam. I am supposed to be free, i am supposed to be me.  Let me explore, grow, and live. And as i love you, flaws and all, I expect you to do me the same.  Love all of me, only me. Everyone can have love for things. Sex, affection,… Continue reading Short thought

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She could feel his fingers running along her skin, just by looking into his eyes. The way he made her skin tingle, was a feeling one could not simply forget. Everytime she was near him, she simply wanted to pull him close and kiss his soft lips. Everything about him was so sexy, comforting, and… Continue reading Lust 

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Helping your significant other reset

Article Here I read this article months ago, and it touched me so much that months later I have decided to write about it. I just think sometimes life can get you caught up, and make you forget about the little things that hold everything together.  Too often we think we are managing it all,… Continue reading Helping your significant other reset

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Stop Saying Sorry

There comes a time in your life, while growing up, that you no longer feel the need to apologize for silly things. I read this article (probably about a year ago) that talked about things you should never apologize for. Although I saw what they were saying, I noticed I was still saying "sorry" for… Continue reading Stop Saying Sorry

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Sometimes we can begin those we feel we need for help, and get nothing in return. Sometimes we spend years trying to deal with feelings that they don't care to deal with. Sometimes you just grow when they don't.  That's not your fault. You can not stunt your growth for them. It will only hurt… Continue reading Sometimes. 

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Nothing is Permanent

Love is never simple. It does not come in black and white. Only grey. Love is the strongest drug out there, Lack of love causes a need for stronger Elements to numb the pain of life. Love is everlasting, Even when liking someone fades Even when the lust for someone is gone, Love is still… Continue reading Nothing is Permanent

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Lust, love, distance

She wanted him. He touched her in a way many couldnt. He kissed her with passion, sucked on her with tenderness, and grabbed and rubbed up and down her body like it was pillows of gold. He made her feel, like the only thing in the world. He made the rest of the world disappear.… Continue reading Lust, love, distance

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Let go.

How do you let go when you don't even want to? When you know staying means getting hurt, but leaving means losing them forever. Even though they don't care, you don't matter to them. You still try and hope it will work. Even though every day you break down more and more. They don't even… Continue reading Let go.

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Psychology Life Hacks

I honestly believe that psychology should be a mandatory class in high school, and when students take it, it should be based like a college psychology class. Why you ask? Because our brains are tricky. We can not learn to control our life until we can control ourselves. You must learn about yourself spiritually, mentally,… Continue reading Psychology Life Hacks