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When i pictured my life as an adult, it used to be so simple. A decent home in the country. Kids and pets all over, a small garden outside. Spending days with a man i love, and our kids, on our land. Riding dirt bikes, going fishing. Learning and loving. Growing my business to the… Continue reading Drawing & thinking

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Be careful what you wish for…Β 

My mother recently published her book online. I have read it myself, and it is quite a thriller. She plans on coming out with another book sometime next year. She has self published her book, so it is getting no publicity other than word of mouth.  I am asking all authors to take some time… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for…Β 

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Helping your significant other reset

Article Here I read this article months ago, and it touched me so much that months later I have decided to write about it. I just think sometimes life can get you caught up, and make you forget about the little things that hold everything together.  Too often we think we are managing it all,… Continue reading Helping your significant other reset