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How does it feel… 

Growing up, she listened to words, paid attention to actions, but always trusted how she felt. Her instincts have never led her wrong, which is how she knew someone was watching out for her from up. If she did as she pleased, or as she wished, she would feel her energy drain because she was… Continue reading How does it feel… 

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Get Up Already!

It took a lot in me to see the difference between people that spoke, and people that put those words to actions. I don't know if it took me so long because I wanted to believe everyone around me, and all their excuses; or if I was slowly becoming a person that only spoke and… Continue reading Get Up Already!


12 Motivational Quotes 

If i have learned anything from life, it's that it is all about attitude. How you think greatly impacts how your life goes. Below i have 12 quotes that are truly inspiring when it comes to getting motivated:  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  –Wayne Gretzky The mind is everything. What you… Continue reading 12 Motivational Quotes