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"Something about this land is mystical. It keeps everyone who is from hear in a love hate relationship with the land itself. There is so much beauty in the land that transfers to the people. There is also a lot of hate in this land, that transfers to certain souls. Whether you have a naturally… Continue reading Swampland

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5 tips for starting your garden

When it comes to gardening, what do you think of? If you  are anything like me, you think of amazing  homegrown  vegetables and fruits,  that you yourself can not grow. However, you have to realize that gardening had been going on for centuries. Before there were grocery stores to visit and get food from, you… Continue reading 5 tips for starting your garden


9 30-day challenges to try 

Looking for something to jumpstart those new years resolutions? I can't say I am a big fan myself, although I absolutely love the idea of trying weekly, or even monthly challenges. Sometimes it takes seeing the affects of one small change, for someone to realize the impact certain efforts can have.  Below I have compiled… Continue reading 9 30-day challenges to try