9 30-day challenges to tryย 

Looking for something to jumpstart those new years resolutions? I can't say I am a big fan myself, although I absolutely love the idea of trying weekly, or even monthly challenges. Sometimes it takes seeing the affects of one small change, for someone to realize the impact certain efforts can have.  Below I have compiled… Continue reading 9 30-day challenges to tryย 

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January 1 2017

I don't have a fancy new years article planned. I believe my resolutions are private, and when completed I can share my story. I have some amazing things in store for this blog in 2017, but for now I wanted to give everyone a good new years laugh.  So click below, to read about our… Continue reading January 1 2017



Your mind and body are only as strong as you think they are. Crazy statement, huh? To think that the only thing that limits us, is ourselves. I have smoke cigarettes faithfully since i was 14. I am now 24, so it has been 10 years. I had quit when pregnant, then started right back… Continue reading Strength