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Sex talk

He looked her deep in her eyes, His filled with passion and lust. "Are you all mine?" He asked softly As he sat inside of her, slowly stroking. She could not say a word. She looked him deep in his eyes, Hers filled with pain that she felt for him. "I can not say" she… Continue reading Sex talk

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Rainy days never hurt so good

Something about her soul captivated them and drew them to her. She didnt understand what was so mystical about her soul. She loved to love, loved to connect with other human beings. She hated to hurt them. She hated to see them hurt. She could never be what they wanted her to. She was a… Continue reading Rainy days never hurt so good

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As humans, we naturally feel others emotions. We are all connected whether we want to admit it or not, and I honestly believe it takes pain to make someone NOT care about other people. Pain can do a lot of things to our body. Physical pain can weaken your body. However, with time it can… Continue reading Pain


Benefits of the Dead Sea

There is something truly magical about The Dead Sea. It is a salt lake that is actually 400m deep, which is apparently the lowest point on dry land. Pretty cool to think about. You can find this sea around Israel and Jordan and its beauty will capture you instantly. On top of its beauty, the… Continue reading Benefits of the Dead Sea

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Sleep did not come well for her, at night she lay awake. But it was also the only time, to really sit in quiet. It was the time her mind expanded, and truly had the chance to process and think through, well, life. One great pain she revisited frequently, was the loss of her unborn… Continue reading

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Tattoo therapy

The needle dug in her skin. There was pain, but she did not flinch. She had caused worse harm to herself, With no gain, other than pain relief. Now, with this pain, came art. With this pain, came expression, release, and peace. Wirh this pain, came a beautiful picture to wear forever, like a shield.… Continue reading Tattoo therapy

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She looked her mother in the eyes. Her body was all there. When she hugged her, she felt her mothers grasp and warmth. In her mothers eyes, she did not look the same. When her mother spoke, it did not sound like things she would say. Her eyes, were just dark and alone. Like someone… Continue reading Mom

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Day 2: Envy

It is very sneaky, and always knows how to creep up on people. It is a complicated emotion because it is fueled by love and hate, a passionate mix of two very strong emotions. It causes the destruction of many lives and relationships, and does not target any specific age or gender. It is very… Continue reading Day 2: Envy

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tattoo therapy

butterfly with skulls on the wings a reminder that evil can not hold us down. a sexy woman, turnt to zombie, to show how even the most beautiful can feel empty inside. two dates, and a name a reminder of only a few out of all that have been lost. a bright pink kiss, sits… Continue reading tattoo therapy

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She loves him so deeply But he doesnt feel the same The more she fights for him The more she is to blame She cries. She fights, She tries for them to be more All he ever does Is fight her Till she leaves out the door. She just wants all of him, But he… Continue reading Love