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Sex talk

He looked her deep in her eyes, His filled with passion and lust. "Are you all mine?" He asked softly As he sat inside of her, slowly stroking. She could not say a word. She looked him deep in his eyes, Hers filled with pain that she felt for him. "I can not say" she… Continue reading Sex talk

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Short thought

Take me away, somewhere i can roam. I am supposed to be free, i am supposed to be me.  Let me explore, grow, and live. And as i love you, flaws and all, I expect you to do me the same.  Love all of me, only me. Everyone can have love for things. Sex, affection,… Continue reading Short thought

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Nothing is Permanent

Love is never simple. It does not come in black and white. Only grey. Love is the strongest drug out there, Lack of love causes a need for stronger Elements to numb the pain of life. Love is everlasting, Even when liking someone fades Even when the lust for someone is gone, Love is still… Continue reading Nothing is Permanent

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tattoo therapy

butterfly with skulls on the wings a reminder that evil can not hold us down. a sexy woman, turnt to zombie, to show how even the most beautiful can feel empty inside. two dates, and a name a reminder of only a few out of all that have been lost. a bright pink kiss, sits… Continue reading tattoo therapy

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She loves him so deeply But he doesnt feel the same The more she fights for him The more she is to blame She cries. She fights, She tries for them to be more All he ever does Is fight her Till she leaves out the door. She just wants all of him, But he… Continue reading Love