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Sex talk

He looked her deep in her eyes, His filled with passion and lust. "Are you all mine?" He asked softly As he sat inside of her, slowly stroking. She could not say a word. She looked him deep in his eyes, Hers filled with pain that she felt for him. "I can not say" she… Continue reading Sex talk

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Chapter 1 Excerpt

Working on quite a few E-books, although at the moment most of them are simply researched E-books on useful topics. This might take longer to publish, but this is the beginning of my own personal book. Let's just say, I am working on doing more than just romantic short stories and blogs. So here is… Continue reading Chapter 1 Excerpt

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She was about to leave, when he pinned her up against the wall. He kissed her soft lips, that was the end of it all. She couldnt breathe, couldnt move, she was caught in a trance. Then he kissed her softly as he unbuttoned her pants.  Funny how a quick touch, ends up being so… Continue reading ❌❌❌

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She didnt get to see him often, and once she was around him neither of them wanted to leave. Just the way his lips touched hers made her weak. Just thinking about them, made her lips tingle. His hands, they were so strong, tough and gentle in all the right ways. They got to hold… Continue reading Him. 

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Sex on the Brain. 

She wanted sex, and not everyday normal sex. She wanted mind blowing, heart stopping, i cant breathe or speak sex. She wanted to be touched in every way. She wanted to be kissed softly, bitten on the lip. She wanted to feel finger tips rub up her thigh and deep inside her. She wanted to… Continue reading Sex on the Brain. 

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She could feel his fingers running along her skin, just by looking into his eyes. The way he made her skin tingle, was a feeling one could not simply forget. Everytime she was near him, she simply wanted to pull him close and kiss his soft lips. Everything about him was so sexy, comforting, and… Continue reading Lust 

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Be careful what you wish for… 

My mother recently published her book online. I have read it myself, and it is quite a thriller. She plans on coming out with another book sometime next year. She has self published her book, so it is getting no publicity other than word of mouth.  I am asking all authors to take some time… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for… 

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He had been around for years, she just never tried to look at him like that, until that night. She knocked on his door, and he slowly opened it up. She took a step up to walk in, but he did not budge. He simply looked at her, and as her eyes met his she… Continue reading Temptations