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Get Up Already!

It took a lot in me to see the difference between people that spoke, and people that put those words to actions. I don't know if it took me so long because I wanted to believe everyone around me, and all their excuses; or if I was slowly becoming a person that only spoke and… Continue reading Get Up Already!

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Sometimes we can begin those we feel we need for help, and get nothing in return. Sometimes we spend years trying to deal with feelings that they don't care to deal with. Sometimes you just grow when they don't.  That's not your fault. You can not stunt your growth for them. It will only hurt… Continue reading Sometimes.Β 

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Nothing is Permanent

Love is never simple. It does not come in black and white. Only grey. Love is the strongest drug out there, Lack of love causes a need for stronger Elements to numb the pain of life. Love is everlasting, Even when liking someone fades Even when the lust for someone is gone, Love is still… Continue reading Nothing is Permanent

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Sleep did not come well for her, at night she lay awake. But it was also the only time, to really sit in quiet. It was the time her mind expanded, and truly had the chance to process and think through, well, life. One great pain she revisited frequently, was the loss of her unborn… Continue reading

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Lust, love, distance

She wanted him. He touched her in a way many couldnt. He kissed her with passion, sucked on her with tenderness, and grabbed and rubbed up and down her body like it was pillows of gold. He made her feel, like the only thing in the world. He made the rest of the world disappear.… Continue reading Lust, love, distance

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Life in MY mind.

He turned his back on her. Others were there, but they werent what she wanted. She wanted him. But all of him, not part of him, not a him she had to share. Up all night, sleepy all day, and pain from the pasttearing at her. No one to listen. No one to talk to.… Continue reading Life in MY mind.

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She looked her mother in the eyes. Her body was all there. When she hugged her, she felt her mothers grasp and warmth. In her mothers eyes, she did not look the same. When her mother spoke, it did not sound like things she would say. Her eyes, were just dark and alone. Like someone… Continue reading Mom

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Day 2: Envy

It is very sneaky, and always knows how to creep up on people. It is a complicated emotion because it is fueled by love and hate, a passionate mix of two very strong emotions. It causes the destruction of many lives and relationships, and does not target any specific age or gender. It is very… Continue reading Day 2: Envy

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Day 1: Greed

It was in the air, everywhere she turned. People betrayed those they loved most because of it. Lies, deception, theft, were all side effects of it. Trust is lost and hearts broken daily. People see not of the damage it does, only what good comes of it; pieces of paper that buy things that cause… Continue reading Day 1: Greed

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Let go.

How do you let go when you don't even want to? When you know staying means getting hurt, but leaving means losing them forever. Even though they don't care, you don't matter to them. You still try and hope it will work. Even though every day you break down more and more. They don't even… Continue reading Let go.