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Overwhelmed. So many things running through my mind, yet i have the energy for none of them.  Indecisive. I have no idea what career i see myself doing in 10 years, and that doesnt seem to be changing.  Flustered. My chest stays fluttering and i literally have no idea why.  Stressed. Overly stressed, to the… Continue reading Anxiety

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Stop Saying Sorry

There comes a time in your life, while growing up, that you no longer feel the need to apologize for silly things. I read this article (probably about a year ago) that talked about things you should never apologize for. Although I saw what they were saying, I noticed I was still saying "sorry" for… Continue reading Stop Saying Sorry

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Let go.

How do you let go when you don't even want to? When you know staying means getting hurt, but leaving means losing them forever. Even though they don't care, you don't matter to them. You still try and hope it will work. Even though every day you break down more and more. They don't even… Continue reading Let go.