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Diomede Islands

Did you have any idea that there was an island there? Yeah, me either. Apparently, the Diomede Islands are right along the Bering strait. There are actually 2 islands all together that are separated between Russia and the USA. There is Big Diomede, which is still only 4 square miles and under Russia's control. Although… Continue reading Diomede Islands

Life, Love, The World


I wrote this almost 3 months ago, while protesting for equality in America. I never got around to gathering all the pictures and videos like I had wanted, but I still felt the need to publish this and release this information. Still, almost 4 months later, there is no justice for Alton Sterling...   "Protest… Continue reading Protesting

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As humans, we naturally feel others emotions. We are all connected whether we want to admit it or not, and I honestly believe it takes pain to make someone NOT care about other people. Pain can do a lot of things to our body. Physical pain can weaken your body. However, with time it can… Continue reading Pain